A Little Off-Topic

Sometimes life hands you lemons. Or does it?

why think about that.pub

Lots of people walk around complaining about something in their life that just doesn’t live up to their expectations, or something went wrong, someone hurt them, or they messed up. There is always something bad happening in the world that we get to grumble about. There is always someone doing something that we can talk about to take the attention of the things we are doing, or not doing. Continue reading “A Little Off-Topic”


“People will remember your actions, not your words.” Ah, how true that statement is…

20160710_112555Isn’t it sad that you will be forever judged on your mistakes, rather than the good you do or the changes you make in your life? I know mistakes, I have made many. When I was a young teen I made the most mistakes. I was judgemental, obnoxious, self-indulgent, imperfect. Continue reading “RAW”

Happiness, Sadness, and Unrealistic Expectations.

Why can’t we just be happy?

Life. It happens all around us. Life is in the air, it’s in the dirt, it’s even wriggling around on your seemingly clean kitchen benches. Life is not what we experience, is what IS. What we experience are our choices. Life isn’t something that happens to you, it is you. It is within you and without you. Each and every aspect of life is beyond you.

P1010446 Continue reading “Happiness, Sadness, and Unrealistic Expectations.”


Cast outcoverKindle

DisPossessed has a new title!

The same characters, the same place, the same story. I, the author, felt that the title and cover were not doing my book justice. So, with the help of my son (as a graphic designer) and a lot of work over the Queen’s Birthday weekend, we came up with this new design.

I hope you like it!


I’m thinking up this post, holding tightly to my partner as we travel over the sand dunes on the four-wheeler. In my head, the statistics go round and round, how many people have been injured or killed from an accident of one of these bikes, and we are not wearing helmets. I know he’s in control of the bike. I know he’s a very experienced rider, and knows the tracks well. This is irrational. But it is real. Continue reading “Fear!”

Risen Gods by J.F. Penn & J. Thorn – Book Review

You know how it is when you find an author you really like? You go and find that very first book and read their publications in chronological order. At least, that is my habit. For the sake of authenticity, I like to observe their style, make sure I get in every single word they have published. I love to see the evolution of the author over their career. Continue reading “Risen Gods by J.F. Penn & J. Thorn – Book Review”